Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MangaCast Review: The Name of the Flower, vol. 2

Head on over to MangaCast, a manga news and reviews website, to read my latest review of The Name of the Flower, vol. 2. Here's an excerpt:

A few years ago, Chouko’s parents died in a tragic accident, rendering her mute. After being shuffled around to various relatives, she settled in with her father’s cousin, Kei, who also happens to be a popular, yet reclusive, author. Since then, her voice has returned and she leads a normal, if shy, life. Now in her second year of college, Chouko finds herself falling ever deeply in love with Kei. ... After a slow start, The Name of the Flower picks up a bit more in this volume with the introduction of several new characters, a mysterious woman from Kei’s past and a developing love triangle.

To see more about what I thought of this quiet and seemingly tragic shojo manga, head over and read my review now! The Name of the Flower is available in the U.S. from CMX.

Review copy provided by CMX.

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  1. i love this animie. the story relates on about nature and flowers. flowerdesign