Sunday, March 28, 2010

MangaCast Review: King of RPGs, vol. 1

While it's been more than a month since I reviewed this book, I'm listing it here as part of some belated blog-related housekeeping.

Last month, I reviewed King of RPGs, vol. 1, for MangaCast, a blog featuring manga news and reviews. Here's an excerpt from my review:

It’s freshman year at the fictional University of California Escondido for Sessions Maccabee and, while it’s a brand-new start, he’s hiding a big secret — he was addicted to online role-playing games in high school, resulting in a serious mental breakdown, hours of therapy and now regularly taking psychoactive drugs. ... First things first, I’m no RPG gamer, online or otherwise. But, I absolutely loved this book because of all the cool references to places and things familiar to me.

To read the rest of my review, click here.

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