Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MangaCast Review: Stolen Hearts, vol. 1

Sorry about the lack of posting these past few days -- life gets in the way, you know? Regardless, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming with a new guest review I wrote for MangaCast, a website featuring manga news and reviews. This time around, I take a look at Stolen Hearts, vol. 1, a new kimono-centric title from CMX.

Here's a peek at what I thought:

Koguma is misunderstood — everyone at school is afraid of him because he’s big and looks intimidating. When petite Shinobu spills a drink on his bag one day, he tells her she’s ruined an expensive kimono and she must repay him for the damage. ... Just like tiny Shinobu, Stolen Hearts has quite a bit of cute appeal. But, it’s also without romantic tension; it’s obvious the author originally meant this to be a one-shot as the first chapter gets our couple together quickly.

Wondering what I thought in the end? Then be sure to click here and read on!

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