Thursday, November 19, 2009

SD CityBeat Blog Post: Does San Diego Need Another Comic-Con?

While it isn't strictly manga-related, I think some might be interested in a blog post I wrote for the Last Blog on Earth by San Diego CityBeat, a local alt weekly in San Diego, Calif. The post, titled "Does San Diego need another Comic-Con?," reports on the new San Diego Quarterly Con, which had its first showing last Sunday, Nov. 15. Here's an excerpt from my post:

With four-day San Diego Comic-Con International passes unprecedentedly selling out in early November, does San Diego need another con? And four times a year at that?

If the hundreds of attendees at the first San Diego Quarterly Con last Sunday are any indication, then, yes, there is a need.

To read more about the event, click here.


  1. Heyz~ It's wingstodust. I'm giving your blog here a blog award and am typing up the post in this book blog of mine. It'll be up shortly. =D

  2. Wingstodust: Awesome! Thanks for the award -- I'll be sure to share a link to your blog shortly. :D