Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chapter Review: RIN-NE, chp. 7

The story: The mysterious origins of both Rinne and the black cat, or bakeneko, are revealed in this week's chapter, "Black Cat by Contract." Evidently, Rinne does live in the abandoned club building in order to save money and there is a very good reason for his penny-pinching ways.

Reaction: I have a feeling Rokumon, the black cat, is going to serve as the comedic (and cuteness) relief in this story. I hate to continue to draw parallels between this story and Inuyasha, but it's hard not to. The more I read it, the more I get the feeling that this could be another very long story by Rumiko Takahashi. And while I enjoyed Inuyasha very much, its length is what deterred me from reading more volumes.

Deep thoughts: I have to agree with The Rumic World blog, Takahashi does handle expository dialog quite well, especially in explaining Rinne's and his grandmother's backstory. Oftentimes, especially in graphic novels, explaining what's going on can bog down a story and mess with the pacing the author has so diligently followed up until now. In using sequential art, it can also become frustrating as dialog bubbles fill more and more of each panel, exhausting the reader mentally and visually.

Artwork: I really liked the wedding scene between Rinne's grandmother and grandfather. The macabre "minister" is a great fit for this series and I find myself really enjoying the undead world Takahashi built for this story. I also loved the "spirited" guests at the ceremony!

The verdict: Honestly, I liked this chapter better than some of the previous ones. There seems to be "a method to the madness" at this point, and we're given a jumping off point for where this story will go in the future. While I'm not going to change my rating just yet, I certainly hope things really get moving in the next chapter! RIN-NE is serialized online by Viz and can be read here.

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