Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chapter Review: RIN-NE, chp. 2

The story: In this chapter, "The Legend of the Weather Hutch," we're treated to a cellphone/gym class mystery. One of Sakura's classmates is receiving mysterious calls from a wrong number on her new cellphone, demanding "meet me at the gym at four o' clock." In lamenting about her weird, regular caller, Rinne suggests a solution. Of course, that solution involves (unknowingly) leaving him a snack and money. It seems Rinne is motivated much the same as other teenage boys...

Reaction: Okay, the opening page has Sakura running in brief-like jogging shorts. Of course, all I could think about was "Do Japanese school girls still wear this type of uniform to gym class?!?" It was a little distracting, I guess. Also, I kind of find it funny that Sakura is the "money bags" in this pseudo-relationship thus far.

Deep thoughts: I'm really getting curious as to what Rinne means by being a "sort of" shinigami. Did he steal the astral body-creating haori, is he repaying a debt, a la Zombie Loan, or is it something else entirely? While the mystery is part of the reason to keep coming back, I certainly hope Takahashi doesn't leave us hanging for an answer for long!

Artwork: The artwork, of course, is much the same as the last chapter, but I did miss the additional layer of depth that the multiple color pages supplied. Here, only the opening page is in color, showcasing a red-haired Rinne in the foreground and a uniformed and waiting Sakura in the background.

The verdict: Again, another solid chapter that leaves the reader on a bit of a cliffhanger. Will Rinne and Sakura lay the wrong caller to rest, or will something go awry? RIN-NE is serialized online by Viz and can be read here.

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